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F(t) may be a voltage generated by a variety of signal sources—for example, ‘‘function generator’’ types of variable-frequency sine-square wave generators, recorded signal sources, and so on. , on an oscilloscope). We can slow down a simulation by making the capacitors larger, or we can speed it up by making them smaller by the same time scale factor. F (t) = a0 X + a1 X˙ + a2 X¨ + · · · ;;; ; OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIER CIRCUITS Figure 3 shows corresponding operational amplifier circuits. As indicated in Chapter 1 of Ref.

30, and a discussion of the effects of multiplication roundoff and hardware requirements is provided. 16 Phase Equalizers BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. A. Budak Active and Passive Network Analysis and Synthesis, Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1974; reprinted Prospect Heights, IL: Waveland Press, 1991. 2. H. J. Blinchikoff A. I. Zverev Filtering in the Time and Frequency Domains, New York: Wiley, 1976; reprinted Malabar, FL: Robert E. Krieger, 1987. 3. M. S. Ghausi K. R. Laker Modern Filter Design, Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1981.

8 to 10) Comparators (Figs. 11 and 12) Multipliers and dividers (Fig. 13) Waveform generators (Figs. 14 and 15) Circuits based upon these types of operations may be extended to circuits that precisely measure absolute value, amplitude, peak value, and logarithmic operations. ) A variety of other waveform generators, including triangle waveform and very low-frequency oscillators (function generators) and frequency modulation (FM) oscillators, may be implemented. Detailed discussions of nonlinear operators appear in Refs.

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