Jack Goldstein's 101 Amazing Mythical Beasts and Legendary Creatures PDF

By Jack Goldstein

Do you know Hippogriff is supposedly the offspring of a horse and a griffin? Or Greek Sphinx regularly has a male face, while an Egyptian one has a feminine visage? the place does the Skunk Ape roam, and the way are you able to spot a Kitsune in human shape? Is Slenderman the main scary legendary creature, or is that honour bestowed at the fearsome Gashadokuro? This exceptional publication comprises info of over 100 legendary beasts and mythical creatures, organised into different types for simple reference. even if you have an interest within the beasts of anyplace from historic Greece to modern day Africa, this can be the ebook for you!

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Both locals and visitors to the island have reportedly seen this ape which walks on two feet like a human. Said to be around one metre tall, and covered in grey-brown fur, this legendary creature is in fact said to have a ‘high possibility of actual existence’ by scientists who have studied the stories of the beast and its local environment. 60. Kraken: first referred to in an Old Icelandic saga called Orvar-Oddr, the Kraken is a sea monster of giant proportions. Whereas many have scoffed at tales of a manylegged sea creature of humongous size, the relatively recent discovery of a species we refer to as a colossal squid (which can grow up to fifteen metres long), stories of the Kraken no longer seem as unlikely as they once did!

Boo Hag: in South Carolina and Georgia, people speak in hushed tones of the Boo Hag - a creature much like a vampire, although gaining sustenance from one’s breath rather than one’s blood. As they have no skin of their own, they will often steal it from their victim, wearing it for as long as it will hold out. You may only be aware that you have been visited by the Boo Hag if you wake up and feel short of breath - or of course if you wake up and you are missing your skin! 68. Soucouyant: people of Dominica, Guadeloupe and Trinidad tell of an old woman who lives at the edge of a village but who sheds her skin at night, turning into a fireball to seek victims.

There, the warriors are served mead and prepare for a huge future battle. 87. Leprechaun: around the height of a small child, with a red beard and clothed in a green suit (although in older days the suit was said to be red), a Leprechaun spends his days making shoes. He is a magical creature who hides his coins in a pot of gold which is stored at the end of a rainbow. When a ladder falls over, a toe is stubbed or another ‘unlucky’ event occurs, it is actually the fault of the Leprechaun, who loves to play practical jokes on us.

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