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By Kathryn Tucker Windham

ISBN-10: 0817303766

ISBN-13: 9780817303761

Jeffrey is the mischievous "something" that has headquarters within the Windham domestic in Selma, Alabama. He first made his presence identified in October 1966, and because then he has persisted, at abnormal and rare durations, to clump down the corridor, slam doorways, rock in a chair, frighten the relations cat (now deceased, via no fault of Jeffrey), stream heavy items of furnishings, reason digital gear to malfunction, and conceal items. He usually accompanies Mrs. Windham on her travels, and stories of Jeffrey's antics are extensively recounted. 

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The first thing he moved was a heavy chest of drawers which he shoved three or four inches alongside a wall until the chest blocked the door. That door, which was closed at the time, is the only entrance into the room, and it could not be opened until the barricading chest was moved by pushing with great force against the door. That same week a cake baked for a friend was placed on the dining table while a hurried search for car keys Page x was underway. During the search for the keys, which lasted only about three minutes, Jeffrey moved the cake over on the table so that it was about to fall onto the floor.

Soon afterwards began the strange appearances of fire in the tower room, sightings which for many years caused the occupants of the house to be ousted from their beds by false fire alarms. Some people tried to find scientific explanations for the fiery lights in the tower, but those wise in the ways of the spirit world never doubted that "Ole Miss" was indeed walking and had come back to her home to burn her own death candles. Most Alabama homes are content to provide habitation for only one ghost, but the Drish house has had several Page 29 ghostly inhabitants.

If anyone besides our reliable and reputable author, Kathryn Tucker Windham, had brought us this photograph, our skepticism would have continued to be spirited, shall we say. Kathryn has been writing for us since her first edition of Treasured Alabama Recipes in 1964, and we have come to know her as an earthy and trustworthy friend. " We began by requesting a reputable art consultant, the Ludwig Studios of Cherry Hill, New Jersey, to give the photograph a controlled and detailed study. Ludwig's photography staff spent several months analyzing Jeffrey by means of technical tests.

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