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By David Gray Carlson

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Hegel is thought of as the head of German idealism and his paintings has passed through an immense revival considering the fact that 1975. during this publication, David grey Carlson offers a scientific interpretation of Hegel's 'The technology of Logic', a piece mostly neglected, via a process of obtainable diagrams, determining and explicating each one of Hegel's logical derivations.

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HEGEL, ELEMENTS OF THE PHILOSOPHY OF RIGHT § 2 (Allen W. Wood trans. 1993) ("Philosophy forms a circle. It has an initial or immediate point - for it must begin somewhere - a point which is not demonstrated and is not a result. But the starting point of philosophy is immediately relative, for it must appear at another end-point as a result. "). "). 64 See ADORNO, THREE STUDIES, supra note 1, at 133 ('The concept breaks up when it insists on its identity, and yet it is only the catastrophe of such tenacity that gives rise to the movement that makes it immanently other than itself ).

40) In terms of our conventions, [2] is the voice of Dialectical Reason. It is the suppressed voice of [1] and hence immanent or implicit within [1]. Dialectical Reason merely expresses what was previously hidden. Likewise, Speculative Reason is the voice of [4], which is immanent to both [1] and [3]. From the requirement of immanence, it follows that the earlier steps imply the later ones and the later steps imply the earlier ones. Recall what was said earlier about time. In the Logic, time does not unfold what pleated cunning hides.

Its remembered parentage. "). A dissenter on this score is Stephen Houlgate, who insists (without explanation) that difference is already implicit within Pure Being. STEPHEN HOULGATE, THE OPENING OF HEGEL'S LOGIC 265 (2006). This must be disallowed for introducing distinction into that which excludes distinction. 84 GADAMER, supra note 5, at 75-99. 85 Id. at 91, quoting XIII Werke 306 (1832). See 1 HISTORY OF PHILOSOPHY, supra note 26, at 283 ('The recognition of the fact that being and non-being are abstractions devoid of truth, that the first truth is to be found in Becoming, forms a great advance").

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