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By Hans Beck

ISBN-10: 1405198583

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This entire quantity information the range of constitutions and kinds of governing our bodies within the historic Greek world.

  • A choice of unique scholarship on old Greek governing buildings and institutions
  • Explores the a number of manifestations of kingdom motion through the Greek world
  • Discusses the evolution of presidency from the Archaic Age to the Hellenistic interval, historical typologies of presidency, its a number of branches, rules and systems and geographical regions of governance
  • Creates a distinct synthesis at the spatial and memorial connotations of presidency by means of combining the most recent institutional learn with newer tendencies in cultural scholarship

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Aristotle understood this well. As he put it, democracy is not only majority rule, but a regime run by poor and ordinary people in their own interests. Oligarchy is a regime run by an elite of wealthy people in their own interests. Oligarchy was the regime of what the ancients called ‘‘the few’’: that is, the elite of wealth, birth, talent, and education. Democracy was the regime of ‘‘the many’’: that is, poor and ordinary people. A mixed regime claimed to blend and balance the power of the few with the power of the many.

There is some scholarly discussion as to the degree to which conflict in the Archaic period was driven by a desire for territorial conquest (van Wees 2004: 19–33): certainly, issues of honor and vengeance, along with the promise of enrichment from the spoils, are the reasons that are normally invoked by ancient authors in connection with such conflicts. Ultimately, however, the acquisition of further land was of little use unless provision was made to procure labor. The Thessalians also seem to have exploited their neighbors by making some of them perioikoi and subjugating others (the penestai) to a serf-like status similar to the helots (Sordi 1958; Lehmann 1983; Hall 2002: 139–144, 167–168), and evidence for the exploitation of dependent populations also exists for Sikyon, Argos, Syrakuse, Byzantion, Herakleia Pontike, West Lokris, and Crete (van Wees 2003).

1; Foxhall 1997). Arguments for an early ideology of egalitarianism have also been made by reference to the practice of ‘‘hoplite’’ warfare – named after the hoplit¯es, or heavily armed infantryman – which seems to have developed in the late eighth and early seventh centuries (Snodgrass 1965; 1993; van Wees 1994; 2000b; 2004: 47–52). The equal responsibility and cooperation that soldiers in the phalanx were expected to demonstrate is taken as analogous to their equal status in the political assembly (Hanson 1999: 400; cf.

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