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The worth of actual trust has performed a crucial position in historical past of philosophy—consider Socrates’ slogan that the unexamined lifestyles isn't really worthy dwelling, and Aristotle’s declare that everybody certainly wishes knowledge—as good as in modern epistemology, the place questions on the price of data have lately taken heart degree. It has frequently been assumed that exact representation—true belief—is priceless, both instrumentally or for its personal sake. In A luxurious of the Understanding, Allan Hazlett bargains a serious examine of that assumption, and of the most ways that it may be defended.

Hazlett defends the belief that actual trust is at so much occasionally beneficial. within the first a part of the ebook, he pursuits the view that precise trust is generally larger for us than fake trust, and argues that fake ideals approximately ourselves—for instance, unrealistic optimism approximately our futures and approximately other folks, comparable to overly optimistic perspectives of our friends—are usually precious vis-a-vis our well being. within the moment half, he ambitions the view that fact is “the goal of belief,” and argues for anti-realism concerning the epistemic worth of precise trust. jointly, those arguments include a problem to the philosophical assumption of the worth of precise trust, and recommend an alternate photograph, on which the truth that a few humans love fact is all there's to “the worth of real belief.”

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Philosophers have offered accounts of belief that, if true, would yield explanations of the value of true belief. We’ll examine those accounts below (Chapters 6–8). 6 What is true belief? This book is about the value of true belief. It assumes that there is, or could be, such a thing as true belief, and asks after its value. Someone skeptical about the very idea of truth, or about the very idea of belief (cf. The discussion in what follows makes some modest assumptions about truth and belief, which I’ll make explicit here.

Cf.  189–91). 21 However, hedonist theories of wellbeing (Feldman 2004; cf.  648–50), on which the extent to which a person’s life goes well or badly is principally a matter of the pleasure and pain experienced by that person, are also desire-independent theories. We can therefore divide desire-independent theories of wellbeing into two groups: Pluralistic desire-independent theories of wellbeing propose a plurality of eudaimonic goods. These might be “human goods,” as for the essentialist, but need not be understood as such.

3 On the very idea of the “epistemic” Many epistemologists will have been squirming through all of this, for it is often argued that the value of knowledge needs to be understood from the perspective of a sui generis domain of “epistemic” value, distinct from the domain of eudaimonic value. “Epistemic” value will be the subject of Part II (Chapters 5–9) of this book. We’ll therefore take a brief look at the notion of the “epistemic” here, with a promise of further scrutiny to come. Our search for the eudaimonic value of knowledge will seem misguided to fans of the “epistemic” because that notion is typically characterized by contrasting it with the eudaimonic.

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