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By Ron Goulart

ISBN-10: 0879970375

ISBN-13: 9780879970376

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48 RON GOULART "Big Mac," said Conger, realizing finally whose voice had come out of the chute. He turned the professor over, put one arm behind his shoulders. "Krist," gasped Enzerto. " "The double . " The old man was dead. Conger let Enzerto sink back to the lab floor. From out of the food chute came a deep metallic laugh. "Hey, prof. " It was Big Mac again. Conger watched the chute for a few seconds. Then he made himself invisible and left the dome. A TALENT FOR THE INVISIBLE 49 CHAPTER 14 Geer bit a large chunk off the end of his beer-flavored popsicle.

He stretched out his hand and it continued out beyond the lip of the balcony and into chill dark night. Someone had turned off the guarding system. He looked toward Angelica just in time to see the smiling red-cheeked Chinese toss his glass away into the night and grab the girl around the waist. " cried Angelica. "I wouldn't do this if it were up to me alone," apologized the amiable Chinese. Conger was there beside them now. He caught hold of the girl's shoulders, pulling back. Surprised at the unseen force, the Chinese assassin let go of Angelica.

Bom dia, good morning," whispered the coffee pot. "How do you like your fresh-ground real Brazilian coffee, senhor? With rich thick cream and a heaping spoon full of . " "No coffee," answered Conger out of the right side of his mouth. The lovely dark Angelica murmured in her sleep, sliding her palm higher up his bare chest. "What then, senhor? The Intellectual Ritz Hotel can offer you fresh-brewed China I tea, made . " Angelica woke. " She rested her head against his shoulder. Another machine had popped out of the wall to come rolling, rattling, up to the bedside.

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