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By Rafiq Islam, S.H. Moussavizadegan, Shabbir Mustafiz, Jamal H. Abou-Kassem

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G. g. wellbore plugging due to asphaltene precipitation). The use of virtual reality in petroleum reservoir is currently being discussed only in the context of 3-D visualization (Editorial, 1996). A more useful utilization of the technique, of course, will be in reservoir management, offshore monitoring, and production control. While a full-fledged virtual reservoir is still considered to be a tool for the future, one must concentrate on physics and mathematics of the development in order to ensure that a virtual reservoir does not become a video game.

This process is generally referred to as "historymatching". The history-matching process is carried out due to the uncertainty involved in input data and also the uncertain adopted fluid flow model. A schematic layout of history-match of the real and simulated data is given in Fig. 1. The production data are used to update the model parameters and therefore, the history-matching process could be considered as a closed-loop control process. A schematic illustration of the geological and geophysical activities is also depicted in Fig.

In the finite difference scheme, the local truncation error or the local discretization error is not readily quantifiable because the calculation involves both continuous and discrete forms. Such difficulty can be overcome when the mesh-size or the time step or both are decreased leading to minimization in local truncation error. However, at the same time the computational operation increases, which eventually increases the round-off error. 5 Darcy's Law Because practically all reservoir simulation studies involve the use of Darcy's law, it is important to understand the assumptions behind this momentum balance equation.

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