Aerodynamic Theory: A General Review of Progress Under a by William Frederick Durand PDF

By William Frederick Durand

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Dieser Buchtitel ist Teil des Digitalisierungsprojekts Springer ebook data mit Publikationen, die seit den Anfängen des Verlags von 1842 erschienen sind. Der Verlag stellt mit diesem Archiv Quellen für die historische wie auch die disziplingeschichtliche Forschung zur Verfügung, die jeweils im historischen Kontext betrachtet werden müssen. Dieser Titel erschien in der Zeit vor 1945 und wird daher in seiner zeittypischen politisch-ideologischen Ausrichtung vom Verlag nicht beworben.

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F. Flugtechnik u. , 1932. 2* J 1. GENERAL PROPERTIES OF THE WING 20 values, revealed a relation between 6. CL and CD as shown in Fig. 18 for two airfoils of equal mean curvature. On the whole the curves lie symmetrically about a curved mean line whose shape depends upon the airfoil curvature; this mean line for symmetrical cross-sections is straight and coincides with the CD axis. If the formation of a turbulent wake diminishes the lift, the question arises, does this alteration shift also the lift center of pressure, and if so, to what extent ~ On comparing gOr---------~----------.

R::2n(7. 2)] and thus acting at a distance of c/4 from the front edge (Fig. 32). The force resulting from these two components is given by OL = OL~ OL(1. 7) Its point of application is at c/2 when (7. = 0; it approaches c/4 as IY. increases and for negative values of IY. shifts to the right toward co, which it reaches for IY. = - ()/4 with OL = O. The moment about the front edge is accordingly + OM R:: ; sin ( (7. + ~) R::; (sin (7. o for the flat plate with the same angle of ~(}X incidence. ; the position of least profile drag therefore moves toward larger values of 0 L as the curvature increases.

39. Characteristic parabola for a profile. is exact and not merely approximate. Every cross-section has a point about which the moment of the lift forces is constant, i. , independent of the angle of incidence. The lines of action of the lift forces form the envelop of a parabola whose focus is the point about which the moment is constant 3 (Fig. 39, focus F). Since the lift acts perpendicularly to the direction of flow and since each direction gives only one tangent to the parabola, it follows that if the parabola is known, the direction and line of application (but not the magnitude) of the lift force in every direction of flow, i.

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