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By Kai Nielsen

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Addressing the "end-of-philosophy" debate and the problem it offers to modern philosophy, this booklet attracts on Wittgenstein, Quine, Davidson, Habermas and Foucault, between others. It develops the results of Richard Rorty's arguments particularly and offers a reaction: the improvement of a holistic, anti-foundationalist account of philosophy that engages severe conception and vast reflective equilibrium in carving out a favorable position for a brand new form of philosophy.

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Goldman is, however, a modest foundationalist. 2 The task of epistemology, so construed, is to give us the foundations of knowledge and justified belief. Goldman, as firmly as Rorty, rejects any such claim to privileged knowledge or certain knowledge. )3 Rorty, as we have seen, would have it that when we drop such a quest for certainty we in effect drop epistemology and even philosophy as the dominant modern tradition has come to know it. 4 It is here that Goldman starts to demur. He is plainly unhappy with coherentist epistemologies and naturalized epistemologies, a la Quine, that reduce epistemology to psychology and deprive it of any critical normative function.

We will, if we are interested, try to command a clear view of how knowledge of God is possible, but we will turn aside all questions concerning whether or not it is possible. " This is an eviscerated epistemology or, better still, it is no epistemology at all. If we try to so naturalize epistemology and take as paradigmatic of what epistemology should be certain work in cognitive psychology or Chomsky's complicated investigations into the kind of knowledge that native speakers have of their own grammar, we have drastically changed the subject matter of epistemology.

II We have now seen how much is given up by drawing the defense lines there. Still, something of importance remains. So let us see how Kim defends that part of the Tradition. He sees clearly that rejecting the Cartesian component-the mental turn-"is wholly consistent with continued allegiance to the Platonic doctrine of realism" (591). the Kantian conception of philosophy" (591). It is true, of course, that Platonic realism need not carry in its train epistemological foundationalism, privileged representations, or analyticity and necessity.

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