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Wissenstransfer bei hoher Produkt- und Prozesskomplexitat: by Jens Kohler PDF

Jens Kohler untersucht, wie neue Methoden erfolgreich implementiert und kritische Situationen beim Wissenstransfer überwunden werden können. Er präsentiert vier Fallstudien von Unternehmen aus der Automobilindustrie und darüber hinaus zahlreiche Ergebnisse aus Experteninterviews.

Madhu Bhaskaran, Sharath Sriram, Krzysztof Iniewski's Energy Harvesting with Functional Materials and Microsystems PDF

For many years, humans have looked for how one can harvest power from usual resources. in recent years, a wish to tackle the problem of worldwide warming and weather swap has popularized sunlight or photovoltaic know-how, whereas piezoelectric expertise is being built to strength hand-held units with out batteries, and thermoelectric know-how is being explored to transform wasted warmth, reminiscent of in vehicle engine combustion, into electrical energy.

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Note, that given MRX-setup samples the relaxation curves starting from t1=400 μs so that typical magnetite MNP with d<20 nm do not contribute to the signal, significantly. MPS-measurements were performed on fluid suspensions of the MNPs at H=10 mT/μ0 and 25 kHz by means of a Magnetic Particle Spectrometer from Bruker BioSpin. In order to compare the data quantitatively, the iron concentration of the MNP suspensions were measured by Prussian Blue Staining after dissolution of MNP in hydrochloric acid.

1. FLUSPIO characateristics. a: Schematic diagram showing the mode of binding of FMN and GMP to the iron oxide cores in FLUSPIO. b-c: TEM images of USPIO (b) and FLUSPIO (c). Quantitative analysis of the images reveals that both types of nanoparticles have a core diameter of 5 ± 1 nm and a narrow size distribution. 005 µg) in comparison to Resovist in water. e: Fluorescence emission spectrum of FLUSPIO at different concentration in water. f: FLUSPIO uptake analyzed by means of fluorescence microscopy (FLUSPIO plus DAPI).

This may be attributed to the existence of a remanence magnetization of the ferromagnetic particles. Whereas by a decreasing magnetic field the Langevin function generates a decreasing magnetization, the ferromagnetic model includes a magnetization even if the magnetic field reaches zero. 20 S. M. Araújo-Moreira, and W. Zylka Due to the currently low saturation magnetization of the nanofluid ferromagnetic carbon the generation of a strong MPI signal will only be possible in the future when high concentrations will be obtainable.

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