New PDF release: Alkene Metathesis in Organic Synthesis

By Alois Fuerstner

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Content material: Olefin metathesis via well-defined complexes of molybdenum and tungsten / R.R.Schrock -- Ruthenium-catalyzed metathesis reactions in natural synthesis / A. Furstner -- Ring-closing metathesis within the synthesis of epothilones and polyether normal items / K.C. Nicolaou, N.P. King, Y. He -- Catalytic ring-closing metathesis and the improvement of enantioselective methods / A.H. Hoveyda -- Enyne metathesis / M. Mori -- Cross-metathesis / Susan E. Gibson, S.P. prepared -- contemporary advances in ADMET chemistry / D. Tindall, J.H. Pawlow and K.B. Wagener -- Bioactive polymers / L.L. Kiessling, L.E. powerful

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Therefore it is appropriate to discuss the present state of the art in this particular field in some detail. e. the ring opening metathesis polymeri- 52 A. Fürstner Scheme 12. zation (ROMP) of cycloalkenes with 8–11 ring atoms, is a highly favored process due to the release of ring strain [1]. Despite this seemingly adverse situation, a rapidly growing number of successful applications indicates that even medium sized rings can be prepared by RCM in moderate to excellent yields (Tables 1, 4) [29].

Keywords: Ruthenium-carbenes, Ruthenium-allenylidenes, Ring closing metathesis, Natural product synthesis, Fine chemicals. 1 Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 2 Synthesis, Structure, Mechanism and Activity of Ruthenium-Based Metathesis Catalysts . . . . . . . . 3 Ruthenium Carbene Complexes and General Aspects of RCM . . Ruthenium Allenylidene Complexes . . . . . . . . . Less Defined Ruthenium Catalysts . . . . . . . . . . 39 43 46 3 The Application Profile of the Standard Ruthenium-Based Metathesis Catalysts in Synthesis .

Wolfe PS, Gomez FJ, Wagener KB (1997) Macromolecules 30:714 30. Schrock RR (1993) In: Brunelle DJ (ed) Ring-opening polymerization. Hanser, Munich 31. Masuda T (1997) In: Kobayashi S (ed) Catalysis in precision polymerization. John Wiley & Sons, New York 32. Masuda T, Higashimura T (1984) Acc Chem Res 17:51 33. Masuda T, Higashimura T (1987) Adv Polym Sci 81:122 34. Shirakawa H, Masuda T, Takeda K (1994) In: Patai S (ed) Supplement C2: the chemistry of triple-bonded functional groups. John Wiley & Sons, New York 35.

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