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The records of these animals, found in mud recovered from oil wells off coastal waters read like a book of temperature fluctuations. When the water is warm a certain species will abound. They die and sink to the mud where they are fossilized. When the water is colder other species survive. These also leave their fossils in the mud. An expert can read the sequence of fossils in the mud. Curiously, amphibians and reptiles of the Pleistocene did not suffer the extinctions that befell the mammals. Since these animals appear to be very sensitive to climate today, it was assumed they would be affected by changes in climate during the ice ages.

P. Applied Population Ecology: A Supply-Demand Approach. New York: John Wiley & Sons, 1996. , and Joseph H. Connell. The Biology of Populations. New York: Wiley, 1996. Porifera The phylum Porifera contains all the species of sponges. Phylogenetically, Porifera is most closely related to Protista, making it the first animal phylum to have evolved to be multicellular. This also makes Porifera the simplest in form and function. Sponges arose 550 million years ago in the pre-Cambrian period, evolving from colonial protists, groups of identical single cell organisms that live together.

Unfortunately, the noise generated by engines and screws of ships falls in the same frequency range and can interfere with the whale’s communication. Light Pollution Professional and amateur astronomers have recently identified a problem that did not exist a generation ago: light pollution. This form of pollution 23 Pollution has spread so widely in the last few decades that many people are only able to see a few of the brightest stars. From many of our big cities, no stars at all are visible. Light pollution is not an inevitable consequence of making our streets and neighborhoods safer.

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