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By Jasmine Dum-Tragut

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This grammar of contemporary jap Armenian provides an actual and specific description of the jap Armenian language of the Republic of Armenia. It covers not just the normative culture yet, extra importantly, additionally describes the colloquial language because it is utilized in Armenia this present day. with reference to methodological process and terminology it totally meets the calls for of contemporary basic linguistics and typology.

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There are also some other alternations that affect the pronunciation of consonants and which are not expressed in orthography. d. g. ³ÝµÇÍ anbic [cmbits] “spotless”30 if followed by a dental plosive [d, t, th] it appears as an alveodental [n] if followed by a velar plosive [g, k, kh] it appears as a velar []], as in ³Ý·Çñ angir [c]gin] “by heart”, ëáõÝÏ sunk [su]k] “mushroom”, í³Ýù vank’ [vc]kh] monastery etc. if followed by the postalveolar affricate [dŠ], it appears as a palatal [\], as in ³Ýç³ï anjat [c\dŠct] “separate”.

G. áñáíÑ»ï¨ orovhetew [‚fnfh7t7‚] “because, since”, å³ñ·¨ pargew [pcnkh7‚] “gift” etc. – This phonetic combination of the vowel [7] and the glide [‚] is graphemically expressed by the graphemic combination ¨ ew. The palatal approximant [j] occurs as. g. Û³ë³Ù³Ý yasaman [jcscmcn] “lilac”, Ûáà yot’ [jfth] “seven”, ÛáõÕ»É yułel [jut7l] “to oint”, Ûáõñ³Ï³ÝãÛáõñ yurak’ anč’ yur [junckhc\twhjun] “each” or in medial position Ù³Ûñ mayr [mcjn] “mother”, ·³ÛÉ gayl [gcjl] “wolf ”, ³ñµáõÝÛ³Ï arbunyak [cnbunjck] “satellite”, ë»ÝÛ³Ï senyak [s7njck] “room”, ÓÛáõÝ jyun [dzjun] “snow”, ÙÛáõë myus [mjus] “other”, ϳÑáõÛù kahuyk’ [kchujkh] “furniture”, or in final position as in Ñ³Û hay [hcj] “Armenian”, µ³Û bay [bcj] “verb”, ïñ³Ùí³Û tramvay [tncmvcj] “streetcar” etc.

Kergem [k7nkh7m] “I shall sing” as opposed to the colloquial Armenian which generally pronounces with a glide Ï»ñ·»Ù kergem [k6j7nkh7m]; or Standard ã»ñ·»óÇ č’-ergec’i [twh7nkh7tshi] “I did not sing” versus colloquial Armenian [twh(6)j7nkh7tshi]. The realisation with a glide, particularly in the verbal forms, seems, however, to prevail, and is highly conventionalized. .  without -n-. . (Łaragyulyan 1981: 59) and (Zak’aryan 1981:173) regard the pronunciation of the medial [7] in the word formation without a glide as normative and standard, whereas the pronunciation with the glide [j7] is given as colloquial.

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