Atomic Swarm (Dot Robot) by Jason Bradbury PDF

By Jason Bradbury

ISBN-10: 0141323965

ISBN-13: 9780141323961

Twelve year-old Jackson Farley is a electronic genius. On a robotics scholarship at a high-tech American college, he is having the time of his lifestyles - yet then an explosion on the nuclear reactor on campus alterations every thing. Jackson and his fellow avid gamers are hugely suspicious - the assault bears the hallmark of maniacal billionaire Devlin Lear and his rogue robots. And apparently to be a part of a terrifying multimillion-dollar grasp plan. yet Jackson cannot think Lear is at the back of the sinister dealings. Devlin Lear is lifeless. is not he?

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Jackson waved vigorously as his father made his way through the crowd at airport arrivals, and greeted him with a big hug. He hadn’t realized quite how much he’d missed him. Mr Farley reciprocated with an awkward one-armed hug. ’ he asked formally. ’ Jackson had actually arrived an hour and a half early in his excitement to see his dad. ’ ‘Nope. This is me,’ said Mr Farley, holding up a small cracked faux-leather kit bag. It was so old, Jackson was sure he remembered seeing it in photographs of his dad when he was a boy.

Within microseconds, electric current was flowing to the hub of his back wheel, causing its motor to spin. Jackson could feel the front of the bike lighten as the back wheel tore at the tarmac. The wind whipped his face as his speed rapidly increased. He glanced at the tiny wireless bike computer next to his left hand: 50 kmph! 60 kmph! 85 kmph! It took him no time at all to reach the crash scene. As Jackson disengaged the hydrogen booster and slowed his bike to a stop, he could see the battered pickup on the edge of the Charles River, its nose hanging over the water.

His dad asked, slightly horrified. ‘Sure. ’ said Jackson. He imagined himself introducing his dad to the wonders of Cambridge and MIT and enjoying the look of amazement on his face. The cab crossed an intersection and pulled up at a modern-looking hotel. Jackson waited while his dad checked in and then the two of them walked the short distance back to the Fire Proof building. Jackson led his father down to the basement level and they entered the vast laboratory. His dad stopped in his tracks, clearly amazed.

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