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By Tom Robinson

Detect how math applies to the sport of basketball, from the size of the court docket to the calculation of avid gamers' stats.

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4 points per game as a rookie. statistics (stuh-TISS-tiks): Statistics are facts or pieces of information expressed in numbers or percentages. Basketball players are ranked by many different statistics. steals (STEELZ): Steals are when the basketball is taken away from a player on the other team. 9 steals per game in the 2011–12 NBA season. turnovers (TURN-o-vurz): Turnovers are when players lose the ball to players from the other team. The ability to score off turnovers helps a team win. zone (ZOHN): A zone is a defense in which each player is assigned to cover an area of the court.

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The ability to score off turnovers helps a team win. zone (ZOHN): A zone is a defense in which each player is assigned to cover an area of the court. There are different types of zone defenses. , and David A. Coffland. Basketball Math. Tucson, AZ: Good Year Books, 2006. Mahaney, Ian F. The Math of Basketball. New York: PowerKids Press, 2012. Woods, Mark, and Ruth Owen. : Basketball Facts and Stats. New York: Gareth Stevens, 2011. com/links Note to Parents, Teachers, and Librarians: We routinely verify our Web links to make sure they are safe and active sites.

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