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By F.P. Schmidtchen

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Many organic platforms nonetheless carry a number of very fascinating molecular homes that up to now can't be matched through manmade analogs. studying concerning the rules and tips utilized by nature may supply entry to novel nanostructures, more suitable catalysts for the functionalization of hydrocarbon compounds or may possibly allow catalytic C-C bond formation lower than environmentally benign stipulations. This quantity recapitulates the cutting-edge in these sectors of bioorganic chemistry that, instead of mimick the usual instance, target to make use of the underlying ideas for worthy purposes.

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21 A. 8 A towards the substrate access channel. Accordingly camphor is • 0 N-H F 44 Fig. 4. Structure of 7, a model compound for the 02 complexof cytochromeP4506 CytochromeP450 gaining more mobility though the hydrogen bond between the carbonyl group of 1 and Tyr96 remains intact. Furthermore, CO-binding induces a slight distortion of the distal helix suggesting a putative O2-binding site in this area. It seems likely that in the process of reductive O2-bond scission all these spatial changes may be at least in part reversed towards the situation of the iron(III)camphor P450eam directing camphor into the position to become hydroxylated only at C(5).

A) Diaz H, Espina JR, Kelly JW (1992) J Am Chem Soc 114: 8316; (b) Diaz H, Tsang KY, Choo D, Espina JR, Kelly JW (1993) J Am Chem Soc 115: 3790; (c) Diaz H, Tsang KY, Choo D, Kelly JW (I993) J Am Chem Soc 115:3790 28. Schneider JP, Kelly JW (1995) J Am Chem Soc 117:2533 29. Nowick JS, Abdi M, Bellamo KA, Love JA, Martinez E J, Noronha G, Smith ER, Ziller JW (1995) J Am Chem Soc 117:89 30. Nowick JS, Lee IQ, Mackin G, Pairish M, Shaka AJ, Smith ER, Ziller JW (1996). To appear in Wilcox CS, Hamilton AD (eds) Bioorganic Catalysis.

This example shows that structurally defined peptide nanostructures can interfere with biological recognition processes and potentially have therapeutic applications. 2 Ion Channels Ion channel proteins are large and complex membrane proteins that regulate the flow of ions across cell membranes [52]. Since they are associated with several diseases, major efforts have been devoted to the preparation of functional artificial ion channels [53-1. The challenge here is to design simple 64 + 6S . ~ CH2h-NM• :: :: i O~ / l ( ~ .

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