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A traction fluid ISO VG 32 with high coefficient of friction was investigated in comparison to a mineral oil ISO VG 100 with considerably lower coefficient of friction. Figurel 2 shows the pitting life of disks at a Hertzian stress ofpH = 1300 N/mm 2. Decisive operating parameters of the disk tests, as sum velocity vZ and film thickness h .... were kept nearly constant for the two lubricants except for the coefficient of friction/~. For 50% failure probability the pitting life of the mineral oil is 25 times higher as the pitting life of the traction fluid.

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Other units are the light source, temperature control equipment and video monitor. Hardware The Ball and Disc unit is the physical structure where the ball is forced against the disc, thus producing an elastohydrodynamical contact (Fig. 2). It is made mainly of stainless steel and aluminum and holds the ball, disc, microscope and various transducers. A base plate, made of thick stainless steel, is used as the foundation. The microscope is mounted on top of a column and adjusted by a coordinate table in order to view the ball and disc contact zone.

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