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By Robert L. Maddex

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This survey of worldwide constitutions provides approximately one hundred twenty alphabetized entries masking a large variety of constitutions. Revisions and additions during this 3rd version continue speed with the worldwide constitutional occasions that experience happened among 2001 and 2007. each one bankruptcy profiles one state in an easy-to-use structure. common info, together with situation, dimension, inhabitants, capital, fiscal and political prestige, kind of govt, and dates of constitutions Constitutional heritage, together with key historic and political occasions that offer context for realizing the state s present structure and govt impacts, together with constitutions or ideas from different international locations that experience had an impression at the kingdom s structure, in addition to ways that it has affected others Preamble to the structure, together with introductory statements that frequently supply an important perception right into a nation s ambitions and assets of rules primary rights, together with statements of rights and freedoms held via participants department of powers, together with the approach of exams and balances inside of a countrywide govt, in addition to kin with its country or provinces constitution of presidency, together with constitutional duties of the administrative, legislative and judicial branches, and people of distinctive executive associations Amendments, together with tactics for amending or revising the structure New during this variation are: Profiles of over eighteen extra nations that supply broader insurance of Africa, Latin the United States, jap Europe, and Asia up-to-date entries that replicate newly followed constitutions together with the hot structure in Iraq after the autumn of Saddam Hussein in addition to major amendments in lots of international locations an invaluable chart offers key parts of all 100 nineteen constitutions, facilitating quickly comparisons at a look.

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He or she is commander in chief of the armed forces; participates in enacting and promulgating the laws; appoints judges to the supreme court and lower federal courts with the consent of the upper house of the legislature; grants pardons and commutes punishments, except in cases of impeachment; and grants government benefits such as pensions and death benefits. Other duties include appointing and removing diplomats with the consent of the upper house, appointing and removing cabinet ministers and other o≈cials of government departments, presiding over the annual opening session of the legislature, overseeing the collection of revenues, concluding and signing treaties, receiving foreign diplomats, and declaring war with the approval of the legislature.

While most Algerians opposed the Turks, Algiers remained firmly in their grasp. For nearly three centuries piracy was rampant along the coast of the Barbary States, the territories along the southern Mediterranean Sea. At the beginning of the nineteenth century the rulers in Algeria, called deys, were chosen by the janissaries, the elite Turkish troops, and invested with authority from Istanbul. They governed absolutely with the assistance of a diwan (council) of five high Turkish o≈cials. Algiers was the main province, with three others ruled by beys assisted by lieutenants.

The term of o≈ce is five years, and a person may serve two terms. The president is the head of state and head of government, and the commander in chief of the nation’s armed forces. He or she represents the nation internally and abroad and is charged with ensuring compliance with the constitution. The responsibilities of the president The Executive A N G O L A 15 include appointing the prime minister; appointing and dismissing other members of the government on the recommendation of the prime minister; presiding over the council of ministers, or cabinet, the council of the republic, and the national defense council; appointing and dismissing ambassadors; receiving the credentials of foreign representatives; appointing members of the supreme court on the recommendation of the High Council of the Judicial Bench; appointing members of that council; appointing and dismissing high-ranking military o≈cials; calling referendums; declaring war and making peace as authorized by the legislature; issuing pardons and commuting sentences; and signing and promulgating laws.

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