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By Stephen C. R. Munday (auth.)

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It would be much simpler under this form of system to adjust the output rather than the price in the short run. Any other institutional factors which cause similarly infrequent price changes would yield the same results. The 'input-output table' approach may also help to explain price stickiness of complex manufactured goods. In a world in which thousands of firms are buying thousands of components, containing ingredients from many other firms, the informational problem of trying to anticipate the effect of a current increase in demand upon the costs of all the suppliers is probably insurmountable.

He established the Arts Theatre in Cambridge and edited the Economic Journal for thirty-three years. M. Forster, Leonard and Virginia Woolf, Clive Bell and Lytton Strachey (one of his many homosexual lovers). In 1925, he married the famous Russian ballerina, Lydia Lopokova. From the moment that Keynes became a Fellow of King's College, he aimed always to write at least 1000 words each day. Keynes's serious economics work really started after the First World War. His involvement with the war effort and work with the Treasury led to something of a split with Bloomsbury.

Under capitalism, there is competition between producers and a diffusion of power. Workers are not owned in the same fashion as under feudalism and appear to be free to sell their labour power to whomever they may wish. Where, then, is the exploitation and opposed interest in this system? The answer is that the capitalists, or bourgeoisie, hold the power in this capitalist system. As a class, they own the capital, or means of production. Workers, or the proleteriat, may be free to sell their labour power, but they are only free to sell it to a capitalist, an owner of the means of production.

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Current Developments in Economics by Stephen C. R. Munday (auth.)

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