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Jens Kohler untersucht, wie neue Methoden erfolgreich implementiert und kritische Situationen beim Wissenstransfer überwunden werden können. Er präsentiert vier Fallstudien von Unternehmen aus der Automobilindustrie und darüber hinaus zahlreiche Ergebnisse aus Experteninterviews.

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For many years, humans have looked for how one can harvest strength from typical resources. in recent years, a wish to deal with the difficulty of world warming and weather switch has popularized sun or photovoltaic expertise, whereas piezoelectric know-how is being constructed to energy hand-held units with no batteries, and thermoelectric expertise is being explored to transform wasted warmth, comparable to in car engine combustion, into electrical energy.

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Si cela conduit à une valeur de résistance de moins de 10 % de la valeur de résistance de la piste, la mesure doit être faite à 10 % de la valeur de résistance de la piste. 1 Bornes de raccordement En plus de satisfaire aux prescriptions du tableau 4, les bornes de raccordement des circuits de sécurité intrinsèque doivent être séparées des bornes de raccordement des circuits non de sécurité intrinsèque par une ou plusieurs des méthodes décrites en a) ou b). Ces méthodes de séparation doivent aussi être appliquées lorsque la sécurité intrinsèque peut être compromise par le câblage externe qui, se déconnectant du bornier de raccordement, peut venir en contact avec des conducteurs ou des composants.

If the separation conforms to table 4, it shall be considered as not subject to failure to a lower insulation resistance. Smaller separation distances, which exceed one-third of the values specified in table 4, shall be considered as subject to countable short-circuit faults. If separation distances are less than one-third of the values specified in table 4, they shall be considered as subject to non-countable short-circuit faults if this impairs intrinsic safety. Separation requirements shall not apply where earthed metal, for example printed wiring or a partition, separates an intrinsically safe circuit from other circuits, provided that breakdown to earth does not adversely affect the type of protection and that the earthed conductive part can carry the maximum current that would flow under fault conditions.

B) When separation is accomplished by locating terminals for intrinsically safe and nonintrinsically safe circuits in separate enclosures or by use of either an insulating partition or an earthed metal partition between terminals with a common cover, the following applies: 2) metal partitions shall be earthed and shall have sufficient strength and rigidity to ensure that they are not likely to be damaged during field wiring. 2 if of lesser thickness. In addition, metal partitions shall have sufficient current-carrying capacity to prevent burn-through or loss of earth connection under fault conditions; 3) non-metallic insulating partitions shall have sufficient thickness and shall be so supported that they cannot readily be deformed in a manner that would defeat their purpose.

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