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One wonders how women have ever succeeded in using language to express any distinctively feminine experience if linguistic competence requires even the symbolic possession of a phallus. In the terms of psychoanalytic film criticism, the appropriation of the gaze by women would be impossible. The novels of Austen, the Brontes, Eliot and Woolf would be mere permutations of patriarchal narratives. The feminine could exist in fiction only as a lack. Clearly such an argument is tautological. If we define the world as masculine, then we will of course discover that all cultural material is masculine, that women writers can produce only masculine language and imagery and that women characters are only negations.

In this case the emphasis on fertility and renewal is carried by realistic events instead of the mythic allusion she had used in earlier works. Young Jack and Gloria Renfro renew their marriage when he returns from prison, community tensions are resolved at the boisterous picnic attended unexpectedly by the judge who had sentenced Jack to jail, and a serious drought is ended by a downpour of rain at the novel's conclusion. Behind the scenes as a motivating force is Miss Julia Mortimer, the spinster schoolteacher whose lifelong effort to educate and civilise the rural community is the source of the novel's title.

If I took picture after picture out of simple high spirits and the joy of being alive, the way I began, I can add that in my subjects I met often with the same high spirits, the same joy. Trouble, even to the point of disaster, has its pale, and these defiant things of the spirit repeatedly go beyond it, joy the same as courage. 3 The majority of the photos are pictures of black Mississippians, and Welty's position as a shy white woman allowed her glimpses into their lives which no white man could have had.

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