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The main worthy reactions of organonitro compounds in natural synthesisCompounds containing nitro teams are important intermediates for the synthesis of common items and different advanced natural molecules. The Nitro workforce in natural Synthesis specializes in reactions that continue lower than light stipulations, very important useful teams that may be synthesized via conversion of nitro teams, and the stereoselectivity of reactions of nitro compounds. those matters are of significant value to practising researchers in modern pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and fantastic chemical industries.The Nitro workforce in natural Synthesis additionally emphasizes environmentally-friendly tools for nitration, the significance of aliphatic nitro compounds, and smooth practise of nitro compounds. different themes mentioned include:* Henry response* uneven Michael addition* Alkylation, acylation, halogenation, and comparable reactions of RNO2* Substitution and removal of NO2 and RNO2The Nitro workforce in natural Synthesis is an invaluable source for researchers and scholars in natural and medicinal chemistry.

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2 with isobutylaldehyde affords the nitro alcohol in 61% yield. Recrystallization gives the pure syn-stereoisomer, which is protected as its tert-butyldimethylsilyl (TBS) ether and dihydroxylated using osmium tetraoxide as catalyst. Reduction of the nitro group to the amine occurs by hydrogenation over Raney nickel. The subsequent glycol cleavage with NaIO4 followed by cyclization gives the oxazole. 2. 1 Nitroalkenes Dehydration of β-nitro alcohols provides an important method for the preparation of nitroalkenes.

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